Recycling, reusing and refitting are all the buzz words in my world.

Using a lot of imagination and very little time I reinvent items that have been discarded or donated. Saving the planet one piece of furniture at a time may take a while but the movement is starting and you’re welcome to come along for the ride!

Join me while I transform everyday items into one of a kind pieces of art. Selling out of McHaffie’s Flea Market in beautiful Morrisburg, Ontario every Sunday I’m located in the basement and have 3 large booths always open for browsing.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. D

    I’d love to come and see some of your stuff…where do you sell it?

    • I sell out of McHaffie’s Flea Market, just outside of Morrisburg. I am in the basement and once you get down there you can’t miss me!
      Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. D

    Great! I will absolutely be making my way there this weekend

  3. Jenn Gordon

    I really love your work and can’t wait until we get some stuff done around the house and can decorate it with your unique furniture pieces!

  4. Josée

    Hi Andrea! We`re so happy to have bought some of your beautiful artwork today! I was just looking at your website and saw that white chandellier…. do you still have it for sale? thanks again!! – Josée and Mathieu

    • Hi Guys!
      Loved meeting you today – it was a real pleasure.
      Which chandelier are you talking about? What is the name of the post that it came from?

  5. Morgan

    Hi Andrea,

    My friend and her boyfriend were at the Morrisburg Flea Market last Sunday and were talking to you for quite some time about looking for a shelf for under their tv. Not sure if you remember them?! But they showed me your island for the kitchen and I absolutely love it & want it!! How can I go about seeing it or picking it up? Would you take $85? Please e-mail me at morgan_marleau@hotmail.com

    Thank you!!!!

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