A Wonderful Day

Yesterday I spent the entire day with my best friend Jeanette. This is something that I try to do on a regular basis because she’s so good for my soul. Normally, we just stalk the aisles of thrift shops hunting for treasures but yesterday was different.

We went Christmas shopping…and it was magical. Maybe it was because we shopped in a “new to Canada” big US store and fell in love with their shopping carts, their prices, their displays and their stuff! Maybe it was because we both were so relaxed or maybe it was because we were just plain enjoying ourselves. Whatever the reason I came away completely energized.

There really is something heart bursting about shopping for the ones you love and if you’re as lucky as me and you have a son like my Spencer – you’ve  got a lot to be grateful for.  He and his lovely girlfriend Kaitlyn have been squeaking out an existence in a teeny tiny bachelor’s pad for nearly 2 years now. Sharing 950 square feet with 3 fat cats, a salt water aquarium and 13 lizards I’ve never heard them complain. Sweet Kaitlyn is in her 3rd year of a 4 year term in animal studies and Spencer works at a local pet store chain. Next month they will finally get the opportunity to move into what I’m sure, will seem like a mansion – a 2 bedroom apartment!! I can’t even begin to imagine the excitement they must be feeling.

Yes, yesterday was all about being with the ones you love and sharing that joy, it was a wonderful day!

So … what did I do this week?  Have a look see ….

Do you know a Leaf’s fan that likes to put the feet up? If so, here’s the perfect gift.



Another foot stool but this one is for pretty feet!


It’s got nice little wheely wheels on the bottom too!


I found this next item on line at Barnfull O’ Goodies. A one of kind hand made coat rack. Picture this in that man cave!


Light weight and completely balanced – this is a beauty!


Do you see the big muddy paw print on my painted floor?

This is one of the sweetest little pine cupboards I’ve ever seen. I added the willow tree and that was all it needed!


A place to store all your whatnots.


So that’s it for this week, hope you all have a lovely weekend and until next Saturday stay happy!

Thanks for reading,



Winston – the owner of that muddy paw print wanted to say hi..


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