Wagon Jumping

Have you noticed how quickly holidays speed into our lives nowadays? When I was a little kid Christmas never came quickly. I spent more time going through the Christmas catalog than doing anything else and that magical day took  F…  O…  R…  E…  V…  E…  R … to get to our house! As soon as it get’s here this year, I’ll blink my eyes and it will be all over with.

So this time I’m doing something different. I’m jumping on the wagon, rolling with the punches and getting with the program – I’m start’n early!

Quite recently it was explained to me that we spend thousands of dollars on decorations, both inside and out our homes – yet wait until the last minute to put everything up. We stress over our lack of time, lack of money and lack of holiday cheer. Once again, Christmas comes and goes and we’ve missed the boat … blah blah blah – how frigg’n depressing!

Not me. Not this house. Nope. Not ever again. This holiday season I laugh in the face of stress, time mismanagement and lack of money – I’ve learned my lesson – I’ve started ahead of time.

This week was spent doing all things Christmas. I changed the fall urns at the front of our house into winter ones with cedar, red willow and white birch. Then, while the sun shone down on me in +10 weather I stuffed bunches of blue lights in between the branches that will create a lovely soft glow when it’s time to turn them on. I strung white lights around the front door, found all my light timers and made a mental note to myself as to where I was moving them to.



Monday and Tuesday were devoted to my first serious attempt at Christmas crafts. I made so many that right now the summer kitchen looks like Christmas threw up in there… Then on Thursday I spent almost 10 hours at my booth moving, arranging, cleaning, purging and setting up for “the” season. I even found room for a lit up tree!

Bring it on I say. Bring it on.


This is a vintage suitcase that would make a great display for your front entrance way.




Shutters shutters shutters … and Leonard.


Old child’s sled turned into a front door knockout!


Another entrance way statement maker.


For the kid’s!


Hard to tell by the photo, but this is a rusty little angel attached to a piece of barn board – this one’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to … hello Leonard!


With  a ton of elements mixed together this wreath is definitely one of a kind!


Last picture – bells on the goose!

Hopefully the wind will make them jingle merrily!

Thanks for reading.


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One thought on “Wagon Jumping

  1. Jeanette Bremshey

    You have been busy my dear friend! Inspired ! Lovely … xoxox

    Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 18:15:58 +0000 To: jbremshey@hotmail.com

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