Kitty Kaves

A while back my friends; Heather and Mike asked me to transform a little barrel table into a cat napper. Heather suggested taking the doors off and voila! – the perfect spot for your favorite feline to snooze away the hours. It turned out great and that`s when I realized that I had 2  of these babies stored in the basement.

I started out by removing the doors, painting the outside and then upholstering the entire inside. Of course I needed to add a pillow for comfort and then finally kitty bling!

Then while the final steps were drying my trusty side kicks;  Howard and Leonard took them out for a spin!


They both agreed that they were comfy enough to sleep away a rainy afternoon in …



This is what they look like without a cat. Picture them as the end tables they once were but now only … better!



Next is a huge faux stained glass window. When I found it it was minus the window. It`s gorgeous and I`m sorry the light does not show it`s true colors.



Lastly, with Christmas coming I had to replace the last little Union Jack table. This one`s a super heavy, mid century cast off that is lovely enough to beautify anyone`s space.


That`s it for this week – thanks for reading!


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