A Little of This

It’s a rainy Saturday morning and am I ever glad my son Mike and I created a winter workshop in the garage yesterday instead of today! There was a cold wind blowing, dark heavy clouds to the north and I knew something was on it’s way … the robins were feasting on the bumper crop of grapes left on the vines beside the big door and I felt bad that we were disturbing their lunch!

But we managed to get everything taken out and then placed back in NEATLY and with the warm and sunny autumn we’ve had I’ve almost been lulled into a sense of complacency – I’m very thankful for the Farmer’s Almanac – it never fails me! So forewarned, and full steam ahead I now have a ton of room to work over the winter months.

On Monday I brought all my indoor plants that spend the summer on the deck inside again. After a balmy couple of months they are always so lush and healthy. This year I thought I would do something different with them and placed them all in the family room upstairs.


This is only one small corner and yes, this is the chair that upon creation changed my life! This was when I realized – that I can transform furniture! The trunk reads London S W Removal Dept and is full of ancient worm holes from many sea bound journeys, with it’s lid long lost I used a piano’s music holder to create a top that now houses turn of the century choir books underneath plate glass.

This is Mike’s domain as you can tell by the charging phone and with the introduction of the plants has made things a “tad” less roomy!

But this is not all I did this week – no no no, and before the weather changed I was still sanding on the side deck. Good thing too, because this first piece most definitely originated in a dairy parlor. I would recognize that smell anywhere! Yet in spite of it’s quirky left side opening I really thought it had potential, so after a hunt for some front door bling I’m kinda going gaga over this baby.


Notice the original glass door pull?


Although I liked this next piece, it was never one of my favorites. So when I bought this extremely old rebuild from an even older dresser last weekend I had no idea I would be swapping them. Upon closer inspection of this dresser it was in pretty rough shape – the seller told me it had been stored in a barn which is no biggy, but unfortunately both slatted sides had shrunk so badly that selling it fixed up would mean another complete rebuild and that’s something I stay away from. I loved the weight and size of it though and while poking around for places to house plants I had one of those “aha!” moments.


This is what I’m getting rid of… a beauty in her own right – but not my style.


This is what I replaced it with. Like I said; Extremely old and rebuilt out of another old dresser. The perfect place to put a spider. Oh, and that weird thing above it is an opening into the dining room that I just have not painted yet…


For those of you that are looking for an entrance way seat or a front porch decoration  – here you go –


Saved from the trash and hand built, the seat opens up for storage.


I happen to be one of those crazy women who LOVE old barn windows. Multi paned or single paned to me they’re all beautiful and if I could keep every single one that I come across I would … but I can’t … so I don’t …

Anyway, pair them up with an antique picture of Saint Francis of Assisi and they all smile. I love the colors in that picture – gorgeous!


So what are you going to do on this rainy Saturday?

You could spend it  like my babies do …


Happy Weekend!


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