A Couple of Jacks

What a great week I’ve had! Lots of yard work done – I love putting the gardens to bed for the winter. Tucking them in, digging up weeds and expanding their ever growing borders. In fact, last holiday Monday I claimed another huge blob of green grass from the front yard to make a gently sloping rock garden … I’m picturing teeny tiny little creepers slowly winding their way through the soil, interspersed with a homemade toad abode or two. The weather has been unbelievably mild and one of the sunniest autumns on record – I actually have a rose bush still pushing out buds and blooms on today’s date – October 19!

Lucky for me, the sun is still warm enough to keep working on my furniture outside on the the side deck, so after resting my aching back for a day I jumped right into thinking about what lies ahead of us  …. that dreaded word; Christmas!

Over this past year I have found that if I try to have at least one Union Jack piece in my booth every Sunday it will go – but for some reason I have been limiting myself to only painting Union Jacks on furniture. Well, this week I broke the mold and created a wall hanging plus a sweet little table – they’re both small enough to fit into an apartment but big enough to make a huge design impact and in my own humble opinion; would make  great Christmas presents for those “have everything but this” kinda people!


No one wanted this little beauty because somewhere along the years someone had used it for a saw horse and cut into it’s beautiful oak top! I think it adds to it’s charm and have just painted over top.


See how the new paint cracks over the old varnish when I remove some of it? That’s one of my favorite things and I love it when that happens!


This next piece was the top to a hand built table. The legs were made out of 2 x 2’s and frankly, they were so dead ugly there was no saving them for this project. So, after removing the top and sandingsandingsanding I fell in love with the texture that was left and said “hey – this needs to be a Jack!”



Obviously, someone’s work bench it proudly shows off it’s past lives beautifully now and you could call these rusty pulleys the ultimate in eye candy …


Do you love little boxes or containers like I do? Maybe I was a cat in a past life but there’s something about them that really appeals to me! Couple it up with a piece of authentic ceiling tin and an Italian door knob and you have the ultimate jewelry box!



My guess it that this started out as a silverware box. LOVE the purple velvet!


I know you can’t see it in these pics, but if you were to look straight on through the glass on the knob there is a star burst etched on the metal beneath it – magnifico!

Leaving you with warm thoughts and sunny wishes here’s some more photos of our extended family enjoying these glorious fall days …


The handsome Winston standing beside a Tiger’s Eye Sumac that was planted in memory of my late father.


Pretty, pretty Lucy nosing around the ornamental grasses.


Little Leonard who managed to get sprayed by a skunk about 4 weeks ago and still smells like one!


The ever talkative and extremely social Howard.


And last but certainly not least, the smelly, snorey, grumpy yet cuddly; Bart.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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