The Beat Goes On …

As much as I love antique furniture there is definitely something to be said for the beauty and sexiness of a great mid century piece. When this style of furniture was in vogue the world was a very different place.

Excess was the name of the game, Bigger was better and too much was never enough. We spoiled ourselves with our thirst for the good life, created and accumulated massive amounts of waste yet managed to envision a super cosmic futuristic world that we would all live in one day. Nowhere is this seen more readily than in the furniture that was built and mass produced. Completely resembling The Jetson’s animated TV show, everyone had these curvy chairs.

Today, it’s very stylish for large box stores to reproduce this look – but why shop there when all you need to do is find a thrift shop, a staple gun and some great material?

The beat has never really stopped and still carries on today ….


Originally having arms I thought this sleek super sexy baby looked way hotter without putting them back on and adding the neon blue shag rug was the icing on the cake.


Another arm less wonder that looks gorgeous on the same blue rug.


Just as beautiful from the back and a swing’in swivler too!


Don’t you just love that rounded bottom?

Right now in my neck of the woods the colors are spectacular, the days have been sunny and warm while the nights have been just crisp enough to know that colder weather is right around the corner. I had a fantastic summer for gardening and as you can see by my window boxes the frost has not arrived yet.

With this being Thanksgiving weekend I wanted to leave you with one last picture. It’s a picture of our front porch and I hope you find it as warm and inviting as I do!


Happy Thanksgiving.


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One thought on “The Beat Goes On …

  1. lorraine champagne

    Lovely entrance!  Happy Thanksgiving..



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