Donating A Tea Party With Fritz

A couple of posts ago I told you about my art teachers in high school. I have never forgotten them and how they inspired me in their own ways. Today, if I could turn back time to go and speak with that rebellious teenager she would never believe that after all these years I still think of them! Especially Miss Schmidt.

Tiny, extremely eccentric and vastly talented who else would own a pet sea gull that she named Fritz?

My friend Leila and I would giggle every time we heard the Fritz story but in all honesty I would have loved to have seen him! How I wish I could have dropped my foolish teenage ego and asked how and why she got him. Understanding this regret has shown me now that I missed out on something truly magical…

So with that in mind this post and Fritz are dedicated to all the art teachers out there who take the time to inspire and motivate their students. In fact, I would like to donate Fritz to a local art teacher! Preferably an elementary school art teacher who I’m hoping could show her/his students the value there is in creating “something” out of used items. My next step will be to ensure that our young and hip mayor; Eric Duncan gets this post – because I know he knows someone! Eric – are you listening?


What started out as junk has now become art. Slightly off balance and leaning towards the right, Fritz needs to be placed in a protected corner where he won’t get knocked over.DSC04005

Fritz’s embellishments are made from a variety of cast offs. His crown is a lamp finial. His crossed legs are 2 old forks and the tea pot is a Christmas ornament. His cage is attached to a lamp stand and finally, the spoon is from someone’s collection after they visited New York City. If you look closely it even has the NY skyline on the handle and must have been beautiful when it was shiny and new.




I love how Fritz turned out. He truly is made completely out of tossed out garbage and is the example we all need to follow.

It is my hope that he will inspire enough students to realize that creating useful and beautiful items out of waste should be the norm and not the unusual  –  and with the seagull being the universal garbage bird I think he is an apt example of how we are are capable of change!

Thanks for reading!

andi & Fritz

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