Cheeky Chairs – can you say Chic-a-fied?

After a year and change at my booths, I’ve learned a few things – first and foremost – dining room chairs do not sell in the summer! We’re all thinking about outside eating and spending as much time in the great outdoors as possible. But along with the change in temp comes a change in our thoughts and now is the time for rekindling memories of long lazy dinners surrounded by friends and family inside our cozy houses.

Break out the chairs!

As many of you already know I have had an ongoing love affair (aka addiction) with chairs for as long as I can remember. I did not realize I had a problem until my husband; Mr. B posted a count of wing back chairs in our house and it came a staggering 9 … not like it’s nice to take someone else’s inventory but sometimes a gentle nudge is all one needs, so now when I see a lovely stack of chairs that want a new life and a serious chic-a-fy I do not hesitate to bring them home!


Hailing from  the rock’n ’70’s these funky chairs really needed some love’n when I first spied them –  it’s amazing what a curtain from Value Village can create and Lucy seems to agree!


As you can see, my assistants sometimes get in the pictures, and in spite of the hand made sign warning strangers not to stick their hands inside the door these 2 guys; Leonard and Winston really can’t read all that well.


Found abandoned on a road side, this little chair was in perfect shape aside from a ripped seat cover. Nothing that a little paint and fabric can’t fix – now it’s set to be the focal point of some lucky owner’s office!



And speaking of office chairs …



I’m picturing this next piece stretched out on the lawn with a pillow and blankie draped over the top. The perfect place to relax on a crisp autumn afternoon.


The handsome and talented Barty displaying what the chair looks like folded up …


and then demonstrating the correct way to poof a cushion … thank you Barty.

So from me and my gang, hope you all have a super weekend!


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