Just Call Me Red

When I was a kid my Dad retired from the army and we all moved into a big farm house in the country. It was old and grand with high ceilings, arched doorways and wood floors. It was my first experience with decorating and I have my Mom to thank for that. We had a blue room, a red room, a meandering creek that my Dad built a flat bottomed boat for, and with my twin brother by my side we explored miles of farm land. It was an idyllic childhood with summers that lasted forever and allowed me free license to tap out my own sense of creativity. I started collecting dog food and tomato can labels and I wallpapered my closet door. I experimented with making beaded curtains with frozen corn kernels and peas – and when they dried out, lost their color and size, I fed them to the birds.

I don’t recall red before the red room was completed – but it sure made an impression on me! The energy, heat and love that came from that space has stayed forever, it was the TV’s home, the place where the Christmas tree went, and even though it wasn’t called it, it was a true family room. It is because of those feelings that my love for red has never gone away.

Today I have a red kitchen floor, red gingerbread all over the outside of the house, red patio furniture, red bee balm planted everywhere and oodles of red accents inside and out. It’s the color that I am most drawn to when shopping and my “go to” color when I can’t think of what shade to use on a piece. Simply put; red and I have history.


Union Jack red. The color of power and frankly, one of the coolest flags around. This is a solid oak card table that was given to me, that I gave away, then given back. It may have found it’s final purpose.


Last week I had time to do some shopping of my own at the market. One of the outside vendors had this very beautiful fish pail lid. The advertising and the art work jumped out at me -so I snatched it up before someone else did.


Complete with an authentic reel and lure it’s all ready for the fisher person’s hat!



I am the chair chick and who doesn’t want a matching pair of red parlor chairs?



This fabulous little step stool was painted red when I found it, but was also splattered completely with white paint. So in sanding off the white I discovered the green and the original oak. Beautiful!


Yeah, I know you don’t all love red the way I do … so here’s a little shabby white thrown in for good measure.


And upon closer inspection there may have been some red there at one time!


Finally, one last image to leave you with that shows how red envelops us in warmth and love.


My little peanut Bart.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Just Call Me Red

  1. Brenda Cardiff

    Love the mirror I wish it was for sale.

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