Don’t Step in the Tea!

People tell me all the time how creative I am … “thanks!” I say, but I really don’t see myself as all that. In fact, if you were to ask me I’d just probably tell you that I have made myself look at things differently. It’s one of those things that allows me get beyond the stereotypical rules that we have placed on an item and turn around and use it as a piece of furniture. You’re seeing it everywhere right now – from  the old wooden ladder that is now a towel rack to the 3 drawer dresser that has become a kitchen island. Thankfully, this wonderful, wacky world of recycling, and reinventing furniture is now a world wide movement, and every piece – big or small that stays out of a landfill makes a difference. We all have the ability to recreate, rejuvenate and reuse old things – we just need some practice … right? Right!

As many of your already know; I love rusty stuff, and in my opinion this not only makes me one of the easiest human beings in the world to buy for but also very in tune to what’s hot right now.  Industrial “junk” sells for so much money that it is being reproduced … huh??? Shouldn’t those “reproducers” just be shopping at the dump?

Ok, enough chatter and behold! The new, improved and “real” versions of old stuff….


You’ll never have to yell; “don’t climb on the furniture!” again when you use an old rusty step stool as an end table! In fact, you could theoretically change a light bulb while displaying your sea shell collection quite safely…

You smart little multi-tasker you!


Plunk that cute little table beside a one of a kind folding chair. Originally plain but now all gussied up with a decoupaged Currier and Ives picture.


What’s that you say? One more look? Sure – drink it all in …


And speaking of drinking …

what do you do with that old tea trolley that Aunty Agatha gave you? Tea really isn’t your “thang” you’ve told yourself.

But what if you paired it with that rusty old suitcase and 2 drawer fronts for stability?

Presto- Instant swank!


ok ok  ok … I hear ‘ya saying “well, that’s all well and good, but swank won’t keep me warm at night.”


Fooled ‘ya!


Man – it’ so hot – it’s ‘smok’n!


Now to be truthful, this post would be incomplete if I did not mention the next items – and even though they are not in the multi uses catagories they deserve recognition.

We all know that God loves most men…but he especially loves the ones that stop on their way home from work and pick up curb side swag! Yup, Mr. B does that for me – lucky me!


Looking all prim and proper in their new bonnets, they’ll be sure to make someone’s room come alive.

So there you have it – last week’s garbage – this week’s treasure!

But wait – one last look at the beauty of rust….


It says; British Made.

Thanks for reading!


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