La Lounger

I have a friend named Paulie who is a woman of many talents. Not only does she paint the most amazing images on rocks and slate but she has a very, very good eye. Every now and then she will save something for me that she has found in the sorting department of the thrift shop where she works that is destined for the burn pile.

“If you don’t buy it it’s going in the dumpster” I get told. Sometimes they’re beyond all hope and even Dr. Shut Up can’t help but this time we all got lucky…

“I don’t know what you call this thing” she said “but it’s super comfy” as she bounced around on a 2 armed chaise lounger. It was covered in blah boring beige velvet and stained beyond cleaning. Rips could be seen all around a broken arm, but aside from that – it was pristine – “SOLD!” I excitedly exclaimed “let’s load ‘er up!”

Using that last of the Arabian Nights fabric and removing the broken arm was the only way to go and as you can see by the end result – we have achieved luxury.


Using salvaged pieces of decorative molding from another old chair dresses up the arm less side and gives added sex appeal.


This BEAUTIFUL vintage lamp is the perfect mate for the lounger – they’re a match made in lounging heaven!


This next piece was one of my very first attempts at distressing furniture, and considering I used an old bread knife to scrape away the paint it looks pretty good! It has moved with us 3 times and I really do love it enough to hate to say goodbye to it … but I’m the kind of woman who is constantly reinventing rooms and with the latest reinvention of the summer kitchen alas, there is no longer enough room for it …


The center roll top still functions and would house a PVR nicely if you wanted to mount your TV above it.


I love these handles and the olive green in the back.

I also happen to love old rusty stuff, particularly barbed wire. Last Christmas I made a wreath from a roll and it sold immediately. This year I’m ahead of the game and have started early. Decorated with wild turkey feathers they’re all ready for someone’s front door or wall.




So that’s it folks!

Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for reading.


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One thought on “La Lounger

  1. Pawli

    love your pieces and what you do to them. i’m alive look šŸ™‚ awesome work …

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