Provincially Speaking…

Is it just me or do the week’s seem to be speeding up? I find myself scrambling every time a season change is upon us to get all the things done that I said I would get done at the start…”you’ll have tons of time to get the outside windows washed this summer” the little voice inside my head told me this spring! Ha! The little voice lied ’cause they still ain’t done!

Anyway enough complaining. What I did get done this summer was some pretty exceptional furniture and this week’s line ups are just as exceptional, so along the theme of everyone needing more storage and that whole back to school push I happened to stumble across a French Provincial dresser with the Sears sticker still attached (I actually remember a time when you could order real wood furniture from the catalog.) and then a new online pal had a 1970’s bookcase for sale. What can I say? Events just seem to magically happen in the world of Dr. Shut Up.

The newest “thing” right now is to take old, nasty dressers and turn them into chic, head turners to hold your big screen TV. The drawers hide all the ugly electronic necessities and the top is always long enough to house the bottom of the TV and all your essential pretties. For me, it’s a very fun transformation and while I am able to express my creativity the landfill gets one less dresser. Kinda a win win situation wouldn’t you say?

But enough blabbing and on with the show!



One of my all time favorite things to do besides painting is to cover stuff in paper napkins. It totally looks extremely cool and gives each piece a one of a kind look. This is the close up.


Ready? Set? Who’s got the remote control?


Time to think back to school. Dorm room. Getting organized. I love 1970’s furniture not because of the wood they used – because they didn’t use real wood – they made ornate moldings out of plastic. Those ornate moldings look fantastic when painted and then loaded up with amber shellac.


More use of the napkins and voila! a bookcase to design a room around.


Amber shellac looks like molten caramel. It dries very quickly and cleans up with household ammonia. I love the stuff because I can add so much depth and ageing to a piece that is brand new.


This next piece has a lot of history to it and an incredible story to go along with it. It’s a commissioned item that Deb (the beautiful Queen Scheherazade) and Marek (The Evil King) brought to me to have chic-ified. (Pronounced; scheek-a-fied) The material came from value village, probably dates to the 1970’s and is what makes the chair so magnificent.

Have a gander and tell me that you wouldn’t want to sit on this baby…


Using a mixture of purple and copper spray paints I came up with this beautiful color combination.


Everyone who sees the fabric goes a little gaga for a few minutes and after they’ve composed themselves try to determine the origin of the pattern. No one can decide on where the scenes would have come from … are they Persian, Arabian, Ottoman Empire, Mongolian? We’ll let Deb and Marek decide.


So that’s it!

Hope you all have a lovely long weekend. Mine is all planned and I’m extremely happy to report that I’m painting the dining room!! My spectacular chandelier was put up last weekend so now its time to revisit yellow and change over to “French Vanilla” ooh la la!

Thanks for reading!


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