The Post Without a Title

For some reason I’ve drawn a blank this week and cannot get my brain working…maybe I’ve used it to much this week? Hahahaha!

Anyway, I think you’re going to like what you see today because there really is truth to the statement that practice makes better (can’t say perfect!). In fact, in high school art I had an art teacher named Mr. Stedman, he was very cool and used to swear which really impressed us all. He said the ONLY difference between a good artist and a great one is practice…! Seriously, what a wonderful thing to say to a group of bored teenagers! His words never left me and have encouraged, motivated and inspired me many many times over the years. I also had another art teacher – Miss Whatshername (can’t remember!) she was old, she was extremely eccentric and she had a pet seagull named Fritz. She, on the other hand did nothing but annoy me but that’s a whole other story…

Sometimes when I pick items I know exactly what they are going to be, other times their new faces will appear when I stand them up and look at them from a different angle…hmmmm…thankfully I did not take psychology!

What started out in life as a table has now become 2 items and gives hope to all those round tables out there with owners ready to toss them out. Behold! and hold yourself back as you see the new table top…….


After painting, distressing and then adding my all time favorite ingredient; amber shellac I had what appeared to be old aged paint. Next I painstakingly cut out all the letters in a roman numeral clock face only to discover that they would not fit…nothing that a little creativity can’t solve and voila! the faux clock!


I happen to LOVE old rusty cutlery. I use it all the time to embellish and decorate things and I LOVE old plastic hardware. The 3 pieces marry so well together and now that they are all glued in place?


So who doesn’t happen to have an old mannequin sitting around in their garage waiting, waiting, waiting? AND legless, I might add?

Please meet the Divine Miss M…


She came out of an old barn, was covered in pigeon poo and was begging for a new life. Draped in drywall tape, a 1976 Simplicity sewing pattern (that my Mom most likely owned and used) and then finally covered again in amber shellac she is certainly tres chic! Attached to the bottom of the table top she now screams SOPHISTICATION! Ahem, and will look stunning in pretty much any environment.


Lastly, as many of you know I kinda have a love affair going with the Union Jack. What can I say? It’s just too cool and happens to look amazing on anything I put it on. Plus, my Mom and Dad are both British – RULE BRITANNIA!

So……when I bought this vintage barber chair and 2 days later found a Union Jack flag – comm’on – you had to know what would be next.



I  kept the original manufactures tag from the bottom of the chair, along with the tag from the flag and will give them to the new owner. My youngest son Mike who has seen every Union Jack remodel I’ve done likes this one the best. Thanks Mike! It turned out well and I am excited to know where it will end up spending the next 80+ years!


So that’s it!

Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “The Post Without a Title

  1. I love divine miss M.

  2. Diaa

    Love you stuff Andrea! Gotta make it out to see you real soon!

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