The Turquoise Queen and One Year Later…

Last week’s market was completely over the top, where do all the people come from? I sold so many things that this week was spent playing catch up. But as many of you already know doing what you love makes all things possible and once again I smiled the whole time creating and painting. I even managed to squeeze in some time to get some gardening and shopping done too!

It’s hard to believe that one year has come and gone so quickly – it’s all kinda a blur. But what I’ve learned! WOW. Mr. B wants me to write a book and I am seriously giving it some thought.

Lesson number one?

Repeating success can only lead to more success!

Turquoise is a super hot color right now and it seems anything I bring into my booth in that color sells immediately.


This is a before shot. As you can see the top had been used to hold plants and the veneer was destroyed. Can you also see that the bottom drawer would not close? Dampness and wood are not friends.


After a week with Dr. Shut Up the bottom drawer is now permanently sealed and the top is transformed. Look at those sexy legs!



A final close up of the cleaned up drawer pulls and the veneer design on the doors. Leaving some wood unpainted really makes this beauty shine.


2 weeks ago I found this sweet little vanity online. It was advertised as a desk because the mirror that it originally had been made with was obviously long gone. Pairing it up again with one was what it needed.


Embellishing it with pages and pictures from an 1894 Canadian Farmers Manual of Agriculture was all the bling it needed along with a fancy dancy little faux pocket watch that permanently reads 1:43 and 42 seconds.



Finally this last piece was just to quirky too walk away from. Homemade and slightly off center it yelled very loudly for an update when I spied it at House of Lazarus.


The jeans also came from there and they too were too cool to leave behind ( get it – behind??) I’ve already made a sign that I will display with this chair. It reads;

If you can’t feel the funk – then don’t park your junk.


Now get out there and listen to some old R&B and have a super duper weekend!


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One thought on “The Turquoise Queen and One Year Later…

  1. Lorraine Champagne

    Andi, you seem to be, well, actually I think you are, one cool cookie..wish we had met sooner. Really glad Bill found you…apparently you made a difference.

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