Can You Say Santa Fe?

Almost 2 years ago my husband, my bestie JBro, her husband, and I went on a road trip. We drove from Ottawa to Las Vegas and man, did we have a blast! I was told that once I got to see the light in Santa Fe I would understand the colors and if you’ve ever been you know what I’m talking about.

Turquoise, copper, hot pinks, oranges the bold and beautiful hues of summer. What we only see for one season they are lucky enough to embrace  year round. Their lives revolve around these magical colors and I left promising myself that I would try to bring a little back with me. Since then I have been constantly looking for the right furniture. My search came to a screeching halt 2 weeks ago when I found 2,  1970’s I-weigh-a-ton copper plated pieces. Just screaming at me from my computer I immediately posted that I wanted them and after much driving ( I got lost) they came home with me.

This first beauty is a 2 piece tall boy who probably weighs about 100 lbs…you should have seen my son and I lifting it over the top of a banister to get it down the stairs of the house we picked it up from! I seriously thought I might not be able to do it! I chose to paint it in this celery green to make the copper pop and I’m very pleased with the results. It sold immediately last weekend and thank you Judy for loving it as much as I do.


Thankfully the builders made the smart choice of having the bottom half ( where the lower drawer is housed) all it’s own separate piece, because lifting the 2 together would have proved impossible for me and I’m guessing would weigh in around 120 lbs.


Gorgeous eh?

This is the one that is coming with me tomorrow….


Can’t you just see a big ‘ol flat screen on top of this? This color is so true to the actual turquoise that I brought home with me.


As with the tall boy, I kept the distressing to a minimum to not take away from the beauty of the copper plates and like it’s mate weighs about another 100 lbs.


Desert flower. Flower power. Call it what you like but this is the easiest way to take a blah old dresser and turn it into the life of the party. I use paper napkins and decoupage them onto the drawers followed by layers and layers of clear coat. It’s pretty spectacular and I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

This last little half moon table has really nothing to do with Santa Fe but it’s sweet and fancy which makes me smile.


Free hand painting is always good for the soul!

Thanks for reading!


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One thought on “Can You Say Santa Fe?

  1. These are wonderful, Andi. Maybe we’ll get to New Mexico next year. My daughter is going in a week or so for a conference. I’m jealous! …and, yes, hand painting is good for the soul!

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