Here A Chair, There A Chair, Everywhere A Chair Chair…

Whew! It’s been a very hot, steamy and sticky week here in Eastern Ontario and when the weather is as uncomfortable as it has been it’s hard to keep motivated. Sitting in an air conditioned workshop is not a reality for me, but in between wind gusts I did manage to get some beautiful chairs transformed, and I’m very happy about that!

I also found a very cool site for trading, swapping and selling in my neck of the woods and thanks to Chelan I picked up a 100 year old rocker that she had no use for anymore. Plus, on Wednesday my bestie Jeanette and I hit our favorite thrift shops where I found a 1970’s sewing machine chair and the neatest bunch of fabrics! 2 of the chairs that you’re about to see are sporting this Wednesday’s fabric haul and they truly look divine da’ ling…

But enough yakk’in – lets get on with the show!


The 100 year old rocker. Still with the huge solid copper springs and the lovely little front leg wheels. After a quick white wash and some of the newly purchased fabric; super heavy denim, it’s a whole other chair!


Once again, I am showing you something that I really love. But I don’t sew, so I don’t need a sewing chair and I honestly have no room or need for this pretty pretty baby…

Sigh…too bad…


These were 2 Pier 1 pillows shams that HAD to come home with me. Jeanette and I both thought that they would really bring this little beauty to life and man, did we nail it!

What a funky chair it is now.


This next honey was just an ordinary run of the mill wooden chair. Already painted white I thought I could just distress it and have it as that extra chair you always seem to need. But when I added my amber shellac to it something happened…parts of the white turned pink!

‘Za chemical reaction…very, very inta’resting…

Knowing that the odds of selling a  pink chair would be slightly limited I quickly searched through my fabric collection. It wasn’t happening – I had nothing! Hmmm… so what to do next? Well, you look through your closet of course!

Ta da! There it was, a Bohemian style silk shirt that I loved the color of when I bought it but not so much the style…




So enough of the freak’n chairs!

I have a neighbor at the market who continuously brings in an odd assortment of pieces specifically for me.  Last weekend she said to me “come on kid, you know you want ’em…” and she showed me the next 2 items as a dare.

Ha! I say, I laugh in the face of ugly furniture – ’cause I know how to make them pretty!



Not your cup of tea you say? Well, I know a young woman who is going to go gaga over it…


In a past life this last piece was designed to hold your record collection. Still wearing the same divider inside of it’s cupbaord all it needed was a couple  of layers of vintage mac tac and green paint to show off it’s mod lines.

Too cool Daddy O, too cool…




Hope you all have a happy weekend and thanks for reading.


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2 thoughts on “Here A Chair, There A Chair, Everywhere A Chair Chair…

  1. Very interesting and good designs of chair and stool that you posted in this blog.i like all.

  2. Thanks for the giving innovative idea for the chair and its very good design you make it for this chair.

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