Never Can Say Goodbye

Did you ever find something that called to you so loudly that selling it would be an abomination?  No?!?

Well I have and it’s staying here!

Almost a year ago I started on this adventure of selling out of McHaffie’s Flea Market, and throughout this year I have made over and seen some amazing pieces of furniture, but none of them spoke to me as fiercely as this piece did. Originally it was in one of my flea market neighbor’s booths and even though he knew how much I loved it and would gush all over it every time I saw it – money talks. Well last weekend I finally made up my mind to get it!

Once again, it looked very different from what it looks like now. It was very art deco, very stately and quite beautiful on it’s own merits. But when my son and I took it out of the back of my van the buffet door swung open and the glass smashed all over the driveway…oops. Without glass the veneer cut out that you see all the time behind art deco glass doors had to go and that was where the chicken wire came into play.

A little bit of paint just to show off the lovely curves and 2 vintage matching door knobs holders…I am so much happier now that i know she is staying here with us!


The drawer is a yummy Kraft dinner cheese color in case you can’t tell…


I purposely put the door knob holders on upside down just for a little more interest, and plus I thought they looked better that way!


Now, where is it going you ask? In our dining room we have a funny little closet. the previous owners used it as a stereo cabinet. I always envisioned a built in china cabinet in that spot. Originally I think it was another way into the basement but as with all old houses that have been changed over the years – your guess is as good as mine.


Behind those doors… eeeeeek!!!


But, look past the mess and see how deep it is!


The doors will come off and I’ll use them for some other project. The nasty wooden shelves can go into the garage or the basement and of course the 1980’s emerald green will be a thing of the past ( just like it should be!).

Is it just a coincidence that the cabinet is the exact same width as the closet?

I think it was meant to be.

One last look at her before she goes in.


happy happy happy!


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