Hello Yellow!

The color of summer, happiness and energy. It always evokes such positive feelings and has been one of my favorite colors to decorate with for years. Our dining room is a deep rich yellow called Brocade and our stair way is a delicate soft and airy yellow called Vanilla Cream. Yellow brings the light and warmth needed to drafty old rooms. makes dark wood pop and was chosen the color of the decade in the 1960’s.

No wonder it’s never gone out of style and no wonder we’re seeing it everywhere again.


A stamped Made in Denmark table (actually there are 2) and 2 East Lake style chairs. Loving the yellows.



This next piece was shown earlier this week on my facebook page. It was found on the road side covered in paint can stains, water marks and sporting a free sign. My friend  Gil  picked it up and brought it over for a Shut Up overhaul. Now it looks like it just stepped out of House and Home and if you can ignore the greenish hue my camera lenses seems to be emitting these days and just trust me on this – it is truly gorgeous.


Did you know that the Windsor Castle was just not a castle? Who knew if was a ship (or 2) too? Found this baby at a silent auction and my bid took it. I know it’s not old but the frame and matting are lovely.


Of course I had to pair this fun little chair and pillow with it!


Getting back to the yellow… 6 vintage linen napkins.


And then finishing our trip down memory lane – one of the coolest clocks ever and in the shape of the sunny yellow sun!


Happy Weekend!


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