A Refrigerator’s Salvation or Teal me Away…

When we first bought our century old farmhouse in 2006 one of the bedrooms was painted in this color. Resembling more like the inside’s of a cow’s belly than a restful place to sleep, it quickly was painted over in a neutral beige. Yet, in spite of what I think – and may have said of the previous owner’s decorating decisions, they did leave the can of paint behind and yes, I’m thankful for that. Since then I’ve used this paint in very small doses on various pieces of furniture, it’s an extremely bold, in your face kinda color and using it exclusively on this matching set of mid century bedroom pieces really worked. It’s in keeping with the true pallet that made the 50’s and 60’s so exciting and progressive and is one of the hottest color choices again in 2013.

Let’s see what you think…


Initially what really attracted me to this pair were the amazing knobs. Over time though the original gold color had been completely worn off leaving behind a dirty, grungy metal. Painting that over with the teal was a no brainer and tied everything together!


How incredibly abstract are these? When I first spied them I thought they were earrings!


As you can see, no distressing. Just thick, yummy paint.

This next piece was a just a matter of being at the right place at the right time. It was missing a lampshade and the harp to hold it but rooting through my collection quickly solved that. The metal which also was originally gold was in pretty rough shape too – nothing that a little paint can’t solve though!



Look at that BEAUTIFUL wood! Wowzers.


Her lovely bonnet…

Last fall a friend of mine took me to a farm where her son was moving from. She assured me that there was tons of cool stuff to nab and being a gal who loves anything barny related I jumped at the chance. I came home with rolls of rusty old barbed wire that I made into Christmas wreaths, metal buckets and lastly a fridge.

This was the original dairy parlor fridge and in it’s day it housed medicines, breeding schedules and maybe the odd beer. When I found it it was rusted, filthy and being used as an apartment building for a family of mice. It sat in our garage all winter and last week I finally pulled it out.

Just for the fun of it (and because I know how much everyone enjoys a good before and after) I took a picture of what it originally looked like.


Still smelling of a dairy farm it was in really rough shape.


Sadly, the bottom drawer was just too far gone to salvage. So I built up the sides and will slip a woven basket underneath to fill in the hole.

With the mice all gone and after it was freshly disinfected I wallpapered the interior with a 1968 Better Homes and Gardens International Foods Cookbook.


The hole in the back wall was where the cold air hose was. This fridge would have originally had the motor on the top and would have resembled a man in a top hat. That hole can now be used to put cords through if the new owner chooses to use it as a stereo cabinet.

Love it or not, this is one fridge that stayed out of the landfill!


Lastly, the next 2 items were too cool to walk away from when I found one in the burn pile and the other on the floor of a thrift shop. With a little paint and a curtain finial they are now too gorgeous for words…




Thanks for reading and happy holiday weekend!


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3 thoughts on “A Refrigerator’s Salvation or Teal me Away…

  1. Mindy

    Wow Andrea. Just keeps getting better and better!

  2. thanks Mindy – you’re very kind…

  3. I love your blog and your enthusiasm for salvaging the nearly dead. Nice work. Too bad we don’t live closer but I’m not giving up Vancouver Island for Ottawa anytime soon!

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