The Beautiful Secretary who Loved Ice Cold Beer

Estate sales are a great way to find old furniture, but what happens to all that stuff that never gets bought? Usually it ends up in the landfill but thankfully, it appears that people are waking up to the fact that old furniture should not be tossed. There is always someone who wants it.

And that would be … me!

This week my favorite thrift shop House of Lazarus received such a shipment and (kudos to the savvy estate seller who recommended donating the leftovers) I was the winning recipient. Two of the items that I bought and transformed are featured in this week’s post. Both of solid wood and both just dying for a makeover.

Thanks to my friend Clare I am now trying to be extremely diligent in taking before and after pictures and I’ll be the first to admit it’s fun to see the difference.

So, without further adieu, here we go!



This sad little secretary was bland, boring and broken. She was in dire need of a Dr. Shut Up intervention – no wonder she was left behind at the estate sale…



This hot little number is a real head turner now!


What’s under her top? Just the coolest way to wallpaper nowadays … pages from a vintage dictionary!


This is a close up of her bling. Originally this was a gun metal colored metal candle holder that I just knew needed to be put to use as something else. This smokin’ hot secretary is now ready for a new home!


Weighing close to 100lbs this solid wood kitchen island was filthy. It took me and my trusty sander close to an hour in just removing the top layer of grease, dried onions and potatoes. Every time you tried to move it the legs fell off – it was a mess and this was the second estate sale leftover.




Gleaming, screaming and clean! Now you don’t have to worry if you need to move it because it’s been reinforced and the chances of catching some food borne disease from the butcher block top are all gone thanks to the 4 layers of stain and amber shellac. The bottom shelf now safely lifts out too … but it still weighs a ton and will be the centerpiece of some lucky kitchen!


Nothing to write home to ma about here…




They’re both too pretty to just walk past now. When you see them in person you’ll want to touch them, sit on them, twirl around in the office chair and exclaim how much you really love purple…enough in fact to seriously think about redoing that spare bedroom…


This is my favorite thing about this chair – 3 colors! Pretty, pretty, pretty.


This gorgeous Gus only needed some minor tweeking. Mainly some serious cleaning and oiling of the wood. Upon closer inspection it would appear that this handsome fellow did not start out life as an office chair but as a rocker and that explains the press back design that is so typical of rockers and old kitchen chairs. The oak feet, legs and sold iron turning mechanism and springs are authentic though and most likely came from a chair 40 years younger.


Saving the best for last!

Last week I asked one of my friends who is a constant shopper at Just Shut Up what I could do with a doll carriage that I was thinking of making into a wheeling bar cart…well, didn’t he just come up with the greatest idea?? The cooler will become part of that original idea and was initially a metal waste paper basket that I bummed off my neighbor. The handles came from an old wooden ladder and are attached with drawer pulls. The huge metal lid was also bummed from a neighbor (different one though) and came from a metal barrel. Someone else made the cool old wooden handle for it in the center. So in the spirit of summer and and a big creative thank you to Peter…

Happy Weekend and welcome summer!!


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One thought on “The Beautiful Secretary who Loved Ice Cold Beer

  1. Love, Love, Love the purple chair……the office chair….and of course the island !! 😀
    Peace and Love my friend, XOXO

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