She Put The Blue in my Buffet

One of my newest gal pals; Annette (who has a soft spot for chairs – and seriously, who doesn’t?) asked me one week if I would like some of her old paint…!!  Honestly, sometimes do you ever wonder if life can get any sweeter??

Trying not salivate, I coolly answered “sure!” So true to her word she dropped off half a gallon of the yummiest light blue I have ever seen and for someone who is used to buying from the mis-tint section and getting whatever is there – working with quality paint was a real luxury. This mid century beauty was dark and boring. The inside back board was almost black with age not allowing anyone to see the real lines of the top cabinet or the warmth of the walnut.

Bringing it back to life was a pleasure with Annette’s paint and using a quality product on a quality piece just makes sense. I love how it turned out!


I faux frosted the glass with white glue just to bring down the shine and the damask fabric on the back board really allows the wood to pop now.


A close up of the raised wooden door pulls.


Chairs, chairs, chairs. I am the queen of chairs and I am not the only one with a soft spot for them. (At one time my husband wrote on face book that he had counted 9 wing back chairs in our house…a gross exaggeration of  course – we only had 7…) When I see a perfectly good set that is going no where but to the burn pile I must perform an intervention and save them – it’s just the right thing to do!





Last night on face book I posted pictures of my finished love seat but silly me – the love seat was covered in cushions! Today it’s only covered in cat (again – how does he manage to get into so many shots?) but you get the idea of how minimal Victorian furniture really was. What it lacked in puffiness they made up for it in design and even though it does not look that comfy it’s not bad!






This last collection of pictures is just a bunch of pretties that I found out  shopping this week. They’re too lovely to not post so hope you enjoy them.







So that’s it gang. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Happy Father’s day and thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “She Put The Blue in my Buffet

  1. Hi Andi!
    I am interested in the cake plate and dome and the orange drinkie-poo set with cocktail mixer. How much would you like for them?

    • Hi Laura!The cake plate and dome lid is $20 (it has teeny tiny feet!!) and the cocktail set with mixer and spoon is $20 for all pieces.


      > Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2013 14:34:24 +0000 > To: >

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