Are You Seeing Red Yet?

If you follow Shut Up and Paint on facebook (and you really should be!) you’ll know that I have some fun before and afters to show you this week. Lucky for me, I have a friend across the street from me who calls me from her cell phone when she spots some curb side swag.

But when drove to where she had directed and picked this beat up pair I had no idea what I was going to do with them! Frankly, the chair was so nasty that I almost left it for the garbage guys. But like every recovering project I do it always starts with the fabric. Once I have that in place then it’s onto the paint color. This fabric came from my favorite thrift shop House of Lazarus and I’m pretty sure it’s vintage bark cloth. Anyway enough yacking and let’s get on with the pictures!




Unfortunately, the true colors are not really showing through in these pictures, but trust me when I tell you; the cherry red against the vintage fabric really pops. What a fantastic way to liven up any porch – of course, because this is not outdoor fabric you have to guard it from direct sunlight and wet weather.


I know a lot of you already know Howard and are aware of what a media hound he is but can’t you just picture someone having a tea party with him? They could draw on the place mats and whatever else needed. I’ve always wanted to do this with a kiddie table but could never find the right set but thanks to the Winchester garage sale found one!



This little vintage rocker also came from the Winchester garage sale and as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. The Sponge Bob foot stool won’t be coming with me this Sunday as it still needs a little work but you get the idea. 2 great pieces for the sun deck.


Another old door. Wow – they truly are so beautiful. I originally had plans of hanging onto this one but when I got it home discovered that it was the wring size for the door I wanted to replace.


So what do you do with 2 boxes and 1 sack of corks? Make wreaths I say! Make wreaths! My facebook peeps also want some message boards made with old frames but I’ll start working on them next week.


Saving the best for last this GORGEOUS transformation was nothing to but chestnut brown paint and burgundy Naugahyde when I first saw it. Turning it over I saw the leather seat…it must be ripped I thought… 5 layers later? Still intact and still  beautiful. Why was it covered up with ugly? I guess we’ll never know but look at it now!!





Ready to rock the night away for another 100 years the Victorian lovely will make her debut at my booths tomorrow – hope to see you there and thanks for reading!


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