The View from the Window

It’s been a hot and steamy week in Eastern Ontario but that did not stop me from working some magic. Last weekend our entire town had a garage sale and the things I found? Wow. So what I have to share with you this week is a whole mix of cool little finds – from driveways, from thrift shops, from burn piles. Some amazing, some funky and some down right quirky.

But firstly when I stumbled across these mirror tiles I nearly left them. (Sometimes I have these conversations with myself and myself tells me not to buy things…thankfully, I don’t always listen to me…) So when my buddy Gil dropped off this amazing 6 pane window I knew exactly what I would do with the 6 mirror tiles that came home with me. Picture this in an entrance way – what a statement!


These chairs were a nightmare to work on. Normally, what would take me one afternoon’s work turned into 2 weeks and for the first time ever I nearly walked away from them to put them in the garden.

Finishing them was such a relief and accomplishment. I love how they turned out and how the contrast of old and new, ornate and country really shines through. I’m quite proud of them!



Finding old, forgotten about items that are unusual now but were completely ordinary (and necessary) at the time is one of  the best things about what I do. The first shot gives you no idea of what you’re really looking at… and whether you use it as a plant stand or a small table it was still  too cool to let it get burned.



This next piece was most likely a wall mounted cabinet. There were originally 2 locks so maybe it came from a druggist? It’s very old and very rustic and would be a great place to house CD’s, movies or books.




Art deco, waterfall loveliness is one timeless look that will never go out of style and very seldom do you find a piece that is still all intact. I nearly dislocated my shoulder when I threw myself on top of it at the yard sale ( I thought I saw another woman looking at it) but body still intact I managed to drag it home and freshen it up.




So there you have it, a mishmash of oldies but goodies and they’ll all be available tomorrow at Mchaffie’s Flea Market in my booths. Hopefully I’ll see you there.

Thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “The View from the Window

  1. Hi Andi,
    I am in love with the french chairs with the blue roses…tres chic, n’est pas?? How much are you asking for the pair? Your transformations are mind-blowing!! I love them all!!
    Laura…aka Karen’s (from the flea market) cousin

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