Oh Just Go Take a Message…

Ever had one of those weeks where you wake up on holiday Monday and the next time you look around you it’s Friday? Well, that’s what happened to me this week and literally left me scrambling for this weekend’s market!

What kinda threw me off was the dismantling of 2 chairs and if your follow Just Shut Up and Paint on facebook you’ll see pictures of the 2 beasts. One day was spent entirely on the removal of upholstery tacks – oh my aching hands!  The next day chair #1 was recovered. But in my world sometimes a gal just has to walk away from something to be able to complete it properly right? So after convincing myself that the sky would not fall I moved onto a couple of less tedious projects and came up with some fun items. ( The chairs will make their appearance next Sunday and just for the record I curse the man who last recovered them!)

My pal Mindy originally came up with this idea of these message boards only the picture she showed me was just of chicken wire over top of an old frame. I think Just Shut Up’s are much nicer and with each one you get one vintage clothes peg – complete with dog teeth marks too!


Mindy has already spoken for the tall one with the metal on the top, but the other 3 are all awaiting new homes where they are assured to get you organized!


This next little beauty has nothing to do with getting organized – it’s just pretty…but wait! It could be used for storage! Anyway, my apologies to the lady who sold it to me at the thrift shop – I had told her I was going to recover it in the coolest fabric from a jacket that I found there but the next shop’s table napkins won. Say hello to my little friend the Tree Trunk Trunk (yes, I meant to say trunk twice)…


Some long suffering and extremely patient person built this little suitcase by hand and I’m guessing it housed some kind of electrical equipment. I painted and wallpapered it in paper napkins and then clear coated it – preeeety!



So that’s it for this week – don’t forget to follow Shut Up on face book and thanks for reading!


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