2 Middle Aged Rockers

Once upon a time there were 2 middle aged rockers and even thought they refused to admit it – the rock had left their roll. Now, in their day these rockers had housed some pretty heavy sitters, earned the oohs and aaahs from rocker groupies and swayed in every fashionable room they had sat in.

But as we all know, time marches on and age began to over take them. Their springs became rusty, cracks and rips appeared where the once young groupies became grandmas, and sadly, amid snickers and disparaging looks from chairs half their age they now spent their days dreaming of the past and wasting away in the dusty corners of a thrift shop.

Knowing full well the next step was the dreaded toss into the thrift shop dumpster they awaited their fate…

Suddenly they were blinded by a light, a warmth over took them and they found themselves being gently placed in the back of a mini van – could it be that after all these years someone else saw what they had been, what they had to offer? Giving thanks to the gods of rock their salvation had come in the form of Dr. Shut Up.

No longer old fashioned and funny looking they will be on stage this weekend ready to perform for you. I hope you love their transformation as much as their new groupies do!





This next piece started out as a bunch of painted 2×4’s awaiting the next bonfire. Adding some old tool box inserts, English tavern coasters and rusted swag has given this hunk a whole new choice in life. Anyone need somewhere to store their patio essentials this summer? If so, this baby is for you.




Do you need to get organized? Do you like to write messages? Check out Shut up’s latest options…



Lastly, here is one final thought to leave you with – and even though Mother’s day was last weekend this may help with our first official long weekend…


This will be gracing a chair in my booths this weekend. Hope you have a great one!


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