A Fire Side Chat with Jack, Daisy and China

Good evening and welcome to Fire Side Chat.

Left abandoned and shivering with cold, our first guest Faux Fireplace was in a very sad state when she was rescued. Covered in garish colored wall paper that was faded and chipping, and with her plaster wearing away due to moisture only a miracle could save her. Thank fully someone saw past the years of neglect and abuse she had been put through and realized that beauty often times is hidden under layers of bad paint and even worse decorating choices.

Please give a warm Just Shut Up welcome to Faux Fireplace.


Transformed now into the art deco dazzler that she was originally meant to be and complete with a new fireplace screen, mirror and faux grating for added bling, this timeless beauty is sure to wow all who see her!


Our next guest comes to us from Value Village. Sporting a dirty, dated and unsightly skirt this adorable little swivler was being passed over by everyone who came in contact with him. Not being able to see past his broken turning mechanism he was destined for the dumpster.

Freshly painted in jaunty Union Jack colors, this handsome Jack is destined to sail out of my booth quickly this weekend.


Using a combination of latex paint and tape Jack is now fit for royalty. He spins as smoothly as he did the day he was originally made and being as sturdy and comfortable as he is will look grand in any room.


Hailing from the mean streets of Ottawa the night before garbage day our next guest was found dehydrated, torn and soiled when she was pulled from a pile of rubbish and stuffed into the back of a waiting vehicle by this author’s compassionate husband. (Thank you Mr. B.)

Throughout the years it would appear that Daisy had been well used and appreciated as under her last recovering job the remnants of the original fabric still remained. With stuffing too dusty to salvage she needed a complete overhaul and has been recreated to be a real head turner. Please keep your whistles to a minimum and say hello to the lovely and curvaceous Daisy.


China started out life in the mid ’40’s like any other cabinet; dark, heavy and well made. Found languishing away in this author’s favorite thrift shop (House of Lazarus) China needed a new look.

With original sliding glass doors and brass door knobs China had been well cared for so only needed a minor amount of furniture botox. Still beautiful and ageless please give it up for the lovely and useful China!


China is solid and in spite of her small appearance weighs a ton. Anyone who would like to purchase her will absolutely need to bring a strong person to help carry her.

So there it is folks…another edition of Fire Side Chat, thanks to you the reader for tuning in and to our sponsor (below) for keeping us reminded of the power there is in just trusting in yourself!


Happy Mother’s Day!


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4 thoughts on “A Fire Side Chat with Jack, Daisy and China

  1. cka52

    Amazing! You are truly an artist!

  2. Diana

    Look at you girl!!!! Love your panted chairs!!!

  3. Pat hamilton

    Love my addition

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