The Bones of a Garden

To me, a sense of balance is everything. I apply this to all the work that I do and my garden is no exception. This weekend I will be taking a break from my booth and enjoying time completely devoted to family, and considering that this is the first Sunday since last summer that I have had off I may need to start adjusting the scales!

Knowing that I would not be in my booth gave me the opportunity to work on my sadly neglected garden. We had a very long and dreary winter with more snow than usual. During the dark winter months being able to find something of interest to look at from the patio window is all important, so I have used the bones or internal structures of our garden to bring life when all is asleep. They allow me to dream of warmer days when the snow is falling heavy and deep and to fill in holes where my shrubs have left off.


What bloodhound doesn’t need her own outdoor soaker tub?


An old wing back chair that took me 2 days to completely “unapolster” . Too ugly to donate yet too good to throw out. Now these are good bones! The old blue enamel pot has seen better days but I plan on taking the bottom metal seat rings out and nailing in a planter to fill with runner beans.  What a beauty it will be – we’ll call it “wing bean back bones”.


I’ve been hoarding old metal tool boxes for months now. All because I saw one on Pinterest.  But as you know, 3 is always better than 1 and once they get some dirt and hanging plants in them? Ooooh la la! Lucy loves to climb on the old garden bench and stare into the neighbors yard. Just like our dearly departed Dolly – the original Gladys Cravitz, Lucy seems to be following in her steps. I’ll need to find a home for the heavy blue pottery pots – they impede Lucy’s vision.


Last winter our above ground pool failed and drained into the entire back yard. Spencer and Mike found Winston sitting on a piece of ice at the bottom completely oblivious to the luck that had been thrown his way that day. We chose not to tempt fate and ripped the entire thing out. A couple of posts to anchor the original deck where left over and that’s when I decided to build this arbor. Proudly, I might add – all by myself! Not bad eh?  (Yes, I’ll paint the back of the bath tub…)


I happen to be a fan of old vintage lamps but how much lighting does one person need? Solution; hang them outside! They look glorious when the sun is shining through them in any season. The tire, upside down bird bath and chicken feeder hide an old horse shoe ringer that is cemented into the ground. Even I could not get it out so chose to work with it. Seriously, once the dwarf zebra grass, Lilly and bee balm grow it looks much nicer!


One of the best trades I ever made – thank you Peter! A seriously heavy wrought iron chandelier that I’ve covered in white outdoor lights. To see this at night is what dreams are made of. I love mirrors in the garden too and this fence is covered with them.

The old metal foot board is one solution to huge dogs trampling over plants…too bad I only have one!


A look from the deck and the last tool box – I promise! This is perfect spot for a cold beer, cup of joe or in Mr. B’s case; a Cuban.

Happy Weekend!


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One thought on “The Bones of a Garden

  1. rob

    spring is finally springing

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