Oh my Deer!

If you’re a design lover – and you must be! You’ll know that antlers are truly “in” right now.  So in my quest to be part of that “in” crowd, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase several small antelope antlers. Unbeknownst to me, all the designs that I had in mind for these little guys involved CLEANED antlers. In other words; fur and skin free…well they weren’t, and maybe that’s why they were such a great deal…

What happened next goes well beyond the call of duty and borders on the extreme. So in the event of a zombie apocalypse or cannibal uprising jump on my tractor ’cause I am prepared!

Now as all you mountain men and women know cleaning the “stuff” off an antlered skull cap involves some pretty gruesome procedures and without going into any detail yet  in the name of crafting I DID IT…



What did I say “jump on my tractor”?


hmmmmmm…there appears to be a theme…


Funny how things just seem to happen…and yes, the tractor comes with the foot stool!


I like this picture better than the other one because you can see the cool old barn board and copper frame  more clearly.


Now I didn’t just spend my week playing taxidermy I also found some funky old chairs that I recovered in mod feeling fabric. Placed next to a “Hey Woodite” metal and resin vintage school desk they actually seem to look ok.


The perfectly styling little side table!


When I purchased this metal trunk it was already painted blue and red.

All it lacked was a Union Jack!


And upon closer inspection….



I love this kind of stuff – just think where this little trunk has traveled. Too cool man…

Anyway, for all those tractor loving guys and gals – one last shot!


Happy Weekend!


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