Saving the throwaways…

One of the greatest joys that I get in doing this post and the reclaiming of old items is in the thrill of the hunt. Poking around dusty thrift shops, lifting damp boxes and finding a treasure that has been stuffed in a corner, it’s the spying of something that all others before you have missed that gives us junkers our “fix”.

Most times these finds are cause for great excitement and enthusiasm, other times my hunting leaves a  sentimental old junker gal shaking her head in disbelief. In my world hanging onto the past by use of re inventing items or by treasuring the memories that they contain is what we all should be doing.

This week I found a variety of castaways that time and family had forgotten. Hopefully with a little imagination a new owner can be found and these lovelies stay useful for a longer time still.


With no date or names to go with, I was left to my own imagination when it came to finding this charming garden picture. By the foliage and plants that the family is surrounded by I can say with certainty that it was taken in our area of Canada and by the stand of Asiatic Lillys (just to the left), that it was taken at the height of summer.


Is the photographer the one who was sitting in the empty chair? Is this a birthday party? All the ladies seem so happy. So with that in mind I decided that this fabulous old picture needed some love and found the perfect frame for it. To me it is now dressed as beautifully as the women in the picture were.


More opportunities to make use of old items and the newest craze? Chalkboards! They are gorgeous paired with a vintage frame. Do what I do and give your garbage can a break – paint right over the old faded print – it’s smart, it’s economical and it may even get you organized!


Is it possible to fall in love with a table? Could you get away with calling it sweet or cute?


This little beauty still has her leaves intact! But was in a very sad state when I found her…

Now in sunny yellow with a singing little grain sack stripe down her right side she is ready for a new life with a new family and just like everything else in my booth has been saved from destruction.

Hope you enjoyed reading and have a happy weekend.


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