It’s a Hall Tree honey…

Old doors, tables and beds.

Our landfills are littered with their skeletal remains…

But what can you possibly do you do with them? Simple – it’s the old lemon vs lemonade adage and the results are often spectacular. EVERYTHING on both of these pieces were dumpster material – including the Gucci purse and the hob nail milk glass lamp but when paired together – instead of waste we see art. What a concept! Suddenly we have functionality and beauty for a fraction of the cost of the new and most times inferior items. Here you see “real” wood, grouped with “real” vintage items. It’s what everyone wants and everyone imitates and it’s out there just waiting to be reinvented. So what are you waiting for? Be a hero – go save a door or a table or even a bed!








So there it is, this crappy old ladder that’s too old and rickety to climb on safely… and you like it…in fact you love it. But once again, what can you do with it? How ’bout a sweet little book shelf? Maybe even a towel rack in a bathroom? Hmmmm?




Finally, we come to the fluff. The pretties. The cool stuff that decorates our houses and our lives. All cast aside, all forgotten remnants of past lives and past accomplishments. All equally gorgeous and once again – the “real” deal.


Do you get silver plated trophies nowadays? This one was awarded on 1956 by the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association. Seriously, it does not get any cooler than this.


Thanks to the care that was taken by this picture’s original owner, the colors have lasted longer than the actual gilded plaster frame. The peaches and strawberries are still as beautiful as they probably were when this print was first purchased. I’m guessing it dates back to the 1920’s and most likely graced a lovely kitchen.


If you’re willing to ignore the minor water stains that this 80 year plus beauty has acquired or the hand made pine back slats on the reverse of the frame, it too can grace your kitchen…

all it needs now is for someone to appreciate it’s originality, look beyond the flaws that age has brought on and love it again like it’s first owner.

Remember, just because something is old, it doesn’t mean we should toss it!

Thank for reading – have a great weekend!


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4 thoughts on “It’s a Hall Tree honey…

  1. Mindy Pitre

    Love it as always andi. I really look forward to receiving your email on Saturdays!!!

    How much for the ladder! I think I need another one for the porch!

    I’m almost done the semester… then I can take the time to get all of those bottles and cork for ya.


  2. Love the silver pitcher .. cute stuff!

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