Starry Night

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a closing out sale. The store had been heavily picked over, save for some big pieces of antique and vintage furniture. Not believing my luck I put my poker face on and approached the young woman inside the shell of the store. I did not want to appear too giddy and excited as she might be loosing her job…

“Oh no!” she exclaimed “I’m taking the summer off and staying home with my kids!”. Whew! I thought and marched right up to an early century glass curio cabinet and a 1970’s china cabinet.

I called my friend Gil to help me haul them home and as we unloaded the china cabinet he sadly shook his head and asked me what I was going to do with it. “I hope you didn’t pay too much money for it – I can get these things for free you know”….

After mulling ideas around in my head I dragged out one of my favorite blues and starting painting. One of the great things about 1970’s furniture were the architectural elements that the furniture companies added to each piece. Granted these elements were never made out of wood but plastic, they still really gave each piece exceptional beauty. Now, thanks to their design choices these plastic moldings can be played up wonderfully with a couple of paint colors. So much so that it gets a gal dreaming of big things…

Starry Night was created when my son Mike told me that the colors I had chosen for the body of the cabinet reminded him of Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece. With his encouragement I was brave enough to attempt to recreate it. Hope you like it…


DSC03127DSC03128 DSC03129

This next item was a chair that we had had kicking around the house for awhile. It had been bounced around from room to room but just did not seem to fit in anywhere. Last week my pal Jeanette and I did a thrift shop run and I found the perfect fabric to recover it in…


Once again, young Howard approves!


This tall boy dresser had been painted over it’s original light pine stain and then stained over the paint! After years of neglect  it  was looking very tired and ugly. All it needed was a little sanding and polishing to show it’s true colors.


I actually love the way this piece turned out and think that it’s one of my faves!


Ahoy matey! Looking like an actual pirate’s chest this baby has a very cool little treasure to show you…


Inside the lid is this wall papering. I swear, I did not do this! Can you read it? The blue on either side is painted on too making this one of the older trunks I have seen. Why did I cover the outside in old dictionary paper? The last owner had spray painted it gold and silver…and man, it was NASTY.


Yer basic side view – along with my sock covered foot…those are dogs on my sock…of course!


Lastly, the little tree table. Cute eh?


Hope you have a great weekend!!


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2 thoughts on “Starry Night

  1. Mindy Pitre

    Dude. you rock.

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