Love the Reds

Sometimes things just randomly seem to fall into a pattern – and this week was no exception! It all started with an amazing antique red drop leaf table and kept on rolling from there. Wait until you see these beauties; I think you’ll agree that red rocks!


Missing the leaves, this gorgeous gal still has the original pine board top and the red stain that it started life with. With legs of solid wood,  let me tell you, she weighs a ton – and as if it was meant to be, I just happened to have 2 matching chairs with the exact same color leather seats. What a team they are!


For weeks now, I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen about this hare bust that I have. Finally, this week I was able to find the time to make the sign that it needed to be displayed on. Feeling a little cowgirl’ish when I painted the font I wanted it to make you think about gun fights and maybe a saloon … I even wanted to shoot some holes in it but thankfully changed my mind.



Believe it or not these hand painted chargers were found in the thrift shop! I think they’re beautiful and the artist has great talent. Wanting to give them a little more presence I glued them to antique sanded floor boards and then added the old cutlery for some oomph.               Fabulous colors!


2 little red foxes in front of a shot gun shell coat rack – not the greatest combination – especially for the foxes! But here we are with red again!


Another example of how wonderful red is. This mid century oil painting is alive with color and movement. The frame color? LOVE IT!!


Playing around with union jack designs, this chair started out as pink velvet and dark wood!  The lovely art deco metal telephone table beside it had been bumped and chipped so badly that it’s faux wood finish was finished, so taking my handy dandy sander to it and exposing more metal to eventually rust seemed like the perfect thing to do. It now screams industrial chic and is in high fashion once again.


Did I tell you I really like painting signs? So even though they’re not red, I think they’re still nice enough to show you!

Hope you have a super weekend!


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