Filling the Booth

When I tell you that last Sunday was insanity – it was!  After a monumental afternoon of non stop sales I was left with a shell or skeleton of the former booth that I had started with that morning.

Thank you to everyone who made it such an amazing day.

But as you know, having an empty booth is not a good thing, so knowing I was faced with the daunting task of creating a gazillion new items for this Sunday I still managed to squeeze in the time (all day Monday) to paint the kitchen…yeah I know, I’ve heard it before; “the energy I have could power a small town”… but for me doing this is my way of taking a break.

So with too many completed projects to snap pictures of individually I thought I would show you what the dining room and Bill’s office ( he’s away) looks like right now and then I’ll share some of the new kitchen!


There’s a folding screen, a suitcase cat bed that Howard has already slept in, a mannequin torso that I have covered in dictionary pages – her name is Miss N Dict because she is dressed in “n’s”. Shelves, cabinets, a denim covered ottoman with a jean pocket still attached, a potato and onion box, a wicker rocking chair and 2 hand painted Styrofoam heads that will become planters but are still under construction…


In here you see an amazing curio cabinet, 2 chairs, a small half moon table, an old army trunk that is now on wheels and the biggest mirror I have ever seen! Sorry the color is so off on my camera because the everything in real life is sooooo pretty!!


New back splash to mimic the stainless steel dishwasher.


Close up – can you read the chicken?


Mr. Porcine hanging around on the fridge…I loved him too much to sell!


A shot of the color… believe it or not this is a new idea in paint by a Canadian company called Loop that is 100% recycled paint, has a 100% recycled plastic container with paper on the can – it is ridiculously inexpensive and comes in a wide variety of colors. I’m so happy that someone is finally taking recycling seriously! This color is called cafe and no, they did not pay me to say any of  this!


A super cool way to display old Bakelite and bone silverware – love it!!


Want high end Italian looking light fixtures for a fraction of the cost? Paint the insides!! 2 coats of the same color as the back splash applied in a swirly pattern to mimic blown glass. Seriously gorgeous in the dark.


My chalk board…and yeah, I do feel like that a lot of mornings!


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One thought on “Filling the Booth

  1. Mindy Pitre

    Looks good!

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