Life in the Country

Dare I say it? Is spring almost here? With 2 full days of sunshine and above zero temps, It’s hard for a girl to contain herself enough to buckle down and make things – but I did!

This week’s items really remind me of the farm or country life and because that’s where the majority of these items came from, I guess it’s quite fitting.

A table is never complete without a set of chairs and even though these 3 did not start out life together, I’m hoping that someone else agrees how lovely they are together.


Milking parlors always have medicine cabinets and to find one still intact is quite the feat. This one came covered in cobwebs, parts of an old calendar and lots of dirt. I tried to keep it as authentic as possible so did no painting to it, just applied lots of soap and water and added a new back. It’s not everyone’s style but if you like things fresh off the farm  – this is it!


I have some serious gal pals who work tirelessly at a local thrift shop. Ashley and Jo never stop running and when I told them what I was going to do with this lamp they had for sale they both loved the idea.

Complete with burlap (to match her lovely lampshade) that now covers the original pink stand, and powered cinnamon sprinkled over spray on adhesive to mimic rust she is now down home! The little chrome kitchen step stool and old Heinz root beer jug all work well enough together for anyone to imagine them in their house.


How do you improve on perfection? You don’t – you just add to it!

When this fantastic farmhouse coat rack was given to me I was instantly in love. But what it was missing were hooks and a personality. Lacking neither now, you have your choice of hanging your coat on a screw in thermal insulator or a L bracket from a century old buck board wagon.

Plus you can now call yourself a “client” and see where that gets you!


This last piece is for a great lady who already has a couple of my pieces. She loves the old dictionary wall paper and asked if I could incorporate it into this cool little wall shelf. I love how this turned out. It’s warm and feels slightly country-fied – what a nice combination!


Oh, and one last thing…

I had to show you my new spring mantel and freshly painted faux fireplace… check it out. Rocks eh?

Hope it’s spring wherever you are!



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