What the Recycling Bin revealed…

At least twice a month my girlfriend, Jeanette and I try to make a thrift shop run into the big city. It generally coincides with a great lunch that is paid for by our husbands. (They work together.) A couple of weeks back, or thrift shop runs earlier we spied a recycling bin full of  gorgeous tomato cans. I nimbly jumped out and grabbed 6 of them while J stood ready for action on point – you don’t want to cross her. Undeterred by the tomato juice and assorted other vegetable matter left inside the cans that dripped all over my high heeled boots, we threw them in the back of her jeep and made a hasty retreat…

Maybe it’s the never ending winter that we seem to be experiencing or maybe it’s my love for all things red – particularly “tomato red” but driving away from those cans without one would have been the stuff that nightmares are made out of. Even as I picked through them I  envisioned tomato cans of herbs all over my deck while I walked past them in a summer dress brushing my fingers against each plant to reveal it’s scent… later on that night after I had cleaned them all and clear coated the labels, it hit me… a light fixture!


Paired with an antique oxen yoke, tarnished chains and lots of rusty hardware they make a match made in rustic, farmy heaven!


More cans displayed with faux topiaries on the coolest old ironing board ever. This baby comes with 2 monster iron burns that could quite easily have burnt it’s house down. Old wooden ironing boards make great sofa or entryway tables and I love the color of this one.



Last week my Paris bistro chairs were quite the hit, but enough people mentioned that there should be a table to go along with them…well, thanks to my buddy Gil, the chairs have one now!

All 3 will now be sold as a set – but they better sell quickly or else I plan on taking this set home!  He also found the AMAZING gilded frame…


As you know, reinventing is the name of the game in this business. So check out this once very nasty screen and equally once nasty set of mid century chairs.

All 3 are now completely transformed and “chic a fied”( pronounced cheec a fide). They scream relax!! (can you hear them?) and would make the perfect way to hideaway somewhere.



That’s all for this week, hope you’res is a good one!


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