A Chair Affair

Throughout our lives we all seem to struggle with something. Once, a long time ago I used to have a serious passion for coats … not true, and what is it they say about denial?  I still have a very soft spot for them and believe wholeheartedly that it is genetics – you see my Mother used to have closets full of them…

Anyway, lets get back to chairs. I just simply love them, they speak to me, and when I see them sadly stuffed into dust filled corners of thrift shops, or heaven forbid when they are destined for the burn pile my heart hurts for them…

“Save me!” I  hear them calling “I’m too pretty to die…….”  Seriously, what’s a gal to do? Save them I say. Save them. So the next time you walk past a lonely little chair, give her a pat, maybe a rub – know that she too may have been lucky enough to have been part of my SOC Progect, has graduated and morphed into a thing of beauty. SOC; Save our Chairs – it’s the only right and decent thing to do!

DSC03043Prospective candidates all vying for a spot in the program…DSC03045Even the neighbors want to see who gets chosen…

Presenting this week’s graduates;






And just to show that the SOC Project is a very diverse and loving program, please welcome a 1970’s wood covered plastic buffet. No longer the butt of jokes and a family’s embarrassment.





Hope you all have a loving and excepting weekend!


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