Another Piggy goes to Market with a Roasted Tomato Soup Buffet

As soon as my friend Pauline presented him to me I knew I was in love, and even though he was completely pepto-bismal pink changing him into something beautiful would be the most important project of the week.

Being molded from plastic and filled with sand makes him kinda heavy but that’s just what you need for an extremely handsome door stop, garden ornament or a top of the fridge dust collector. Whatever he ends up being used for I know he’ll be adored – I mean, with that face – who couldn’t?


Last Sunday I took the green teak credenza home and switched it for this piece from my husband’s office. He needed something with more storage and I needed to create another transformation.

I played around with various mediums for the sliding wood doors but ended up decoupaging them with dinner napkins. This was so easy and quick to do! I promise I’ll be do more of it in the future. These very funky napkins have this great recipe on them which sits perfectly well with me because I always thought this piece would be more functional in a kitchen than an office!



With valentines day just around the corner, I thought I should get into the spirit too.

Taken from a 1943 Life magazine, this engagement and wedding ring set advertisement was romantic enough to compliment the beautifully aged  mirror that I sanded and glued it to. If you look  very closely you can see she is holding the ring and saying “oh darling, it’s perfect”.

Just what I said too!

Have a great weekend and thank for reading,


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