My Big Pig Sign

Well, here he is in all his regal glory.

What is pig powder you ask? If you google it, you’ll find all sorts of recipes for making BBQ rubs – which is NOT the powder I am referring to. Pig powder is for keeping creepy crawlies away from their soft little snouts…enough said.

This sign was a creation that used a number of recycled items. The sign itself is the top half of a round table, the wood that the picture is attached to is the wooden basket that keeps an old sewing machine from falling to the floor when the lid is closed and the lovely picture came from The Graphics Fairy.

If there ever was a king of the pigs this guy is it. He’ll grace my booth this weekend and hopefully some big pig fan will fall in love with him enough to take him home!

Thanks for reading.




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One thought on “My Big Pig Sign

  1. Rick Cornett

    Hello Andrea::I’m Rick Cornett and I puchased the pig sign , I hung it up in my computor room and it look’s’s quite a conversation piece..

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