A Coffee Station and Hitting the Thrift Shop Jack Pot!

Every week I hunt the local thrift shops looking for the cool cast offs from other people. This week I totally hit the jack pot.

Seriously, who in their right mind would box up this 1950’s canister set and donate it? When I spied this GORGEOUS set I actually gave a little scream and made the sales lady promise that she would not sell it to anyone else while I looked around  the shop some more. All intact and still sporting a little flour inside one of the tins I think this can go down in history as one of the GREATEST thrift shop finds EVER…


In this fantastic line of work that I do I am lucky enough to be able to trade work for items, and this week my pal Krystyna gave me this amazing old Underwood typewriter that has been in her family forever. She’s redoing her guest bedroom and it does not fit into the decorating scheme anymore – in return I have painted and distressed a coffee table for her – lucky me eh?

Once again, Howard has managed to get himself into another post and appears to be to be trying to read the old french music that I have in the roller – he’s such a continental guy!



Finally, as many of you already know one of my favorite things to do is to sit back and enjoy a good cup of  ‘joe. There’s just something about strong black coffee that just really nails it. So in celebration of everything that is coffee, I present The Coffee Station – another reinvented shutter that was destined for the burn pile… tsk tsk tsk!


if you want, by adding some s hooks to the metal triangle you can hang more coffee cups – uh oh… something else to start collecting!

Hope your having a great weekend!


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6 thoughts on “A Coffee Station and Hitting the Thrift Shop Jack Pot!

  1. Hi andi!

    What a fabulous find!! I love the turquoise! I found a similar aged set at a yardsale for my daughter a few years back but it is plain chrome. She has the canisters, bread box and box for holding aluminum foil, wax paper and I think saran wrap. She also has the small spice and herb canisters I picked up for her. Her kitchen is retro and she has painted the walls turquoise. She has a small yellow 1950s formica drop-leaf table and chairs. The chairs she has recovered with turquoise vinyl. Decorating woth vintage junque is so much fun!!!
    Cheers, Laura
    p.s. The shutter is such a clever idea!!

  2. mindy

    how much for the typewriter?

  3. Susan

    Hi, I am the smell good girl that bought the blue fridge dishes…..amazing upcycling work…fabulous! Keep it up…I can tell you have a great eye and comes from the heart!!!Xox

    • Thanks Susan! Yes, you did smell good – I love patchouli! I LOVE doing this so much and wait until you see the sign I’ve made out of half a table top and a piece from a vintage sewing machine…

  4. Definitely an epic score! I actually found a bread box at a rummage sale and the coffee set in my mom in laws attic! Not your fabulous color though -plain silver but still fabulous!

    I think Howard would approve.

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