An Old World Chest and the Green Teak Credenza

Whew! What a busy week I’ve had … lots on the go and lots for you to see.

This cedar lined chest had sat in my neighbor’s booth for months with no interest what so ever. He offered it to me and challenged me to transform it – ha! It went from drab to fab with just an old National Geographic map (1943) and a single coat of ocean blue latex. Then I distressed the edges and ta da – can you say coffee table?


Last week we had some very cold temperatures and when that happens it always sets me to worrying about all the little birds that have to forage for food to stay warm. So with that in mind I finally put to use some of the old chandeliers that I have been collecting for precisely this reason! Fit for the most regal birds these 2 beauties will have the entire flock talking!


When was the last time you heard the word “credenza”? Sounds so posh and so fitting for this cast aside and forgotten about lovely. Originally, I had no intentions of distressing the green paint, but once I started working on it I had no choice – the top had been used as plant stand and sadly the pitting and grooving are too deep for a solid color. In spite of not being exactly in keeping with the mid century painting designs I think she turned out remarkably well and will be gorgeous for another 60 years!

Lastly, this is just some fun that I had when trying to think of something “profound” to write on a chalk board that I will be selling…

my son Mike say’s it’s false advertising because there was never a vote…

“But it’s funny!” I said.

To which he sighed very loudly and walked away…

Happy Saturday!


ps – he didn’t mention anything about it missing the “up”…


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