A new sign for a bigger booth!

Happy New Year!

I’ve been very busy lately but with today’s sunshine had to go outside and experience winter at it’s finest. We’d had a lot of snow so far, and if I believe what is being predicted we’re in for more.DSC01325DSC02981DSC02982For awhile now I’m been thinking that my booth at McHaffie’s Flea Market needs a sign… a big sign…

So with idea in mind and pencil behind ear, I trudged out to the garage and grabbed a salvaged  floor board that was generously given to me by my pals; Mike and Heather. They had saved a pile of them when they re did their kitchen and I’ve already used one beauty as the piece above the piano.

The chains and pulley’s came from a pick in an old barn ( a wonderful way to spend an afternoon) and this Sunday I will ceremoniously hang my latest creation.

Joining the new sign will be 2 antique canary yellow chairs that are still lovingly sporting their original leather seats and a revamped step stool for my friend Peter.

Hope your day is as sunny as mine is!


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One thought on “A new sign for a bigger booth!

  1. Mindy Pitre

    love this ladder! has it sold?

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