From My Recycled Family to Yours

I’m afraid I have been quite lazy when it comes to updating my “about” column, and in showing these pictures need to give you that update! On Sept 13 of this year my beloved Dolly passed away. Her life had not always been as blissful as it was when she moved in with us, in fact frankly, it was terrible.

For 6 years she wasted away in a puppy mill in Quebec, where all she did was produce babies and for the crime of being beautiful was not freed until some unknown worker used a cellphone to film the horrors inside.

Dolly was bounced around from foster home to foster home, it seemed that no one wanted a 8 year + bloodhound with more issues than a bipolar schizophrenic, but the second we saw those teddy bear eyes we were in love.

We had 4 wonderful, funny, weird and amazing years together. She was one of the best friends I have ever had and I will love her until the day I die.

Loosing a bloodhound is devastating and leaves a huge hole in your heart. They truly are larger than life, and yet in the loss of one, a space is freed for another…

This is Lucy and Winston aka “the monsters”.

As many of your know both of them came to us from our dear friends Shawn and Georgette, the co founders of Ontario BloodHound Rescue, 2 women who work tirelessly to turn the lives of cast aside, forgotten and abused bloodhounds into fairy tales. Our hound’s stories are no different from all the others waiting for “forever homes” and are chillingly frightening when you learn of the atrocities these majestic and truly loving animals have gone through.

So in all their “recycled” beauty; Merry Christmas and may the love of the season be with you throught the year.

andi, Bill, Spencer, Mike, Matt, Winston, Lucy, Bart, Alfred, Howard and Leonard.67906_10151347484185552_1585537905_n537698_10151347485260552_1000504287_n

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2 thoughts on “From My Recycled Family to Yours

  1. Lovely message and beautiful photos! Happy Christmas!

  2. Roger G. Albert

    We will meet some day…in the meantime, it looks like Lucy and Winston are into singing a few Christmas carols. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Give Bill a big hug from both Carolyn and I.
    Keep up the posts. We love them.

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