Christmas at our House

I have some favorite blog sites that I receive in my inbox on a regular basis. The pictures always look like they are taken by a professional, the lighting, the staging – all perfect. I truly admire the discipline that these ladies have … but does their house really look like that? If our house was decorated in varying degrees of whites it wouldn’t stand a chance … within 4 hours – tops- it would start turning a muddy taupe.

Our house is a home shared with 6 rescued animals; 3  bloodhounds, 1 terrier cross, and 2 oddly eccentric cats.

We’ve all grown comfortable and accepting of each other and in spite of the baggage that we all seem to carry with us throughout our lives, we all manage to live amicably and peacefully in this wonderful old house.

From it’s quirky corners, and closet sized bathrooms, to the bright, warm colors that I have chosen to paint it all in, we love our home and all who reside in it.

It’s a noisy, sometimes messy house and we wouldn’t change it for anything.

Once again, I present my darling, Howard. Notice the stuff all over the table, the red lights on the black tree and the only thing that is white in the picture is the box that he is preparing to have a nap in…

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2 thoughts on “Christmas at our House

  1. Joe

    Hi Andrea, as promised I’ve visited your website, awesome.
    My black cat is just like yours. Nice Hounds.
    Joe (pinkfloyd)

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