Waiting for Christmas…

This is Bart.

He weighs about 150 lbs and isn’t fat, he has a thyroid problem…

like most Bloodhounds, he will make the most of any situation, especially if it involves relaxing, so here he is waiting for his favorite time of year; Christmas! It never fails to amaze me at how comfortable he looks when he sleeps on his chair and even though bits of him are spilling over, he’ll blissfully snore and twitch all night long there. Smelling of warm taco chips, this is the best time to kiss him.DSC01306

This is the other half of the kitchen and what I get to look at every time I cook. Beautiful isn’t it? The fireplace mantel came from an old theater that was being torn down, my neighbor just happened to be in the right place at the right time to save it from being tossed into the waiting dumpster. Can you imagine? It’s made of hand molded plaster, brass plating and wood and is simply stunning. The workmanship is something never seen in “new” items and I truly cherish it. We think it dates back to the turn of the century and judging by the molded and brass covered dancing fairies it appears to be mimicking a grand insert from a Victorian parlor. Every season it helps me to celebrate the changes that are constantly happening outside our beautiful  home.

Hope you have a great week!


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3 thoughts on “Waiting for Christmas…

  1. Hello Andi,
    My name is Laura and I am Karen Holliday’s cousin (seller in the basement at McHaffie’s). Karen emailed me this morning (Jan 14/13) and mentioned your booth name so I didi a web search and found your blog. I am now reading all your posts. I “lurve” your angelic mantle. It is one of the nicest pieces of junque I have ever seen!!
    I love to refinish and paint unloved things, too. My blog is
    Pop over for a view anytime.
    Kind regards, Laura.

  2. Pauline "aka Paulie"

    Hi Ya Andi
    just got off your blog ” WUV IT” You go girl – Everything rocks

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