Recycling is for the birds … and my cat, Leonard

With the colder weather approaching, this week I dragged out all my bird feeders. But with no where to hang them within kitchen-window-watching-distance,  I had to become creative…again.

Introducing the coat rack/laundry basket/wash tub/rusty springs from a couch/duct tape/table bottom/aluminum tray/hand painted sign/and borrowed wood from my neighbor’s pile;


Leonard’s picnic basket  is the perfect spot to spy on them, it keeps him warmy when he’s outside and because the feeder is so tall, there is no way he can reach the birds.

The little cardboard house behind him is another cat cozy but so far no one wants anything to do with it – it’s just way too small for my big bruisers, and once they get in they can’t turn around.

So far we’ve seen chickadees, pine siskins, sparrows and nuthatches but I know once the word get’s out that there’s free food we’ll have lots more visitors.

Happy Weekend!

The Bird Watcher

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One thought on “Recycling is for the birds … and my cat, Leonard

  1. You are such a clever girl!!!

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