This Week’s Projects

Doesn’t it look like I LOVE fall?

I was completely inspired by the changing colors all around me and just happened to come across all these nifty items that needed a little makeup.

The chairs are vintage walnut and will stay just the way they are, oiled up and gorgeous.

Even thought the picnic basket did not come from Jelly Stone National Park, its still lovely with it’s new plaid lid and the cool beer bottles were a gift from Uncle Krusty.

2 mid century table lamps still show their beauty and taste after all these years and once they get new lampshades will be fabulous in any room.

The antique cream can no longer be mistaken for any old can, the side view was started by an anonymous artist and finished by me – love her colors.

An art deco ashtray may no longer have it’s handle on the top but still sport’s the curvy sexy lines that made the art deco period one of my favorites.

Finally, the shutters are an example of how to use a pair to highlight their old chippy paint, while showcasing rusty pieces of hardware that have been salvaged from various other items. This piece needs a large wall all to herself!

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One thought on “This Week’s Projects

  1. Tami Pelttari

    Hi Andi…even though we have never met face to face I do know who you are…and I am in love with all your talent! I love the colours in your house and am seeking a little advice…we have restored our walls back to original wood (1879) and they are very dark (an english chesnut with a hint of red mahogany) Now…the OLD n UGLY window sills (very large) are chipped white paint and I really have a dislike for white so I want to paint. Trouble is…no neutral like colours are matching the tones in the walls so I am thinking about going bold! Thought of a deep red (not bright or fire engine) or a burnt orange….if I send you pics of the living room would you offer an opinion? Greatly appreciated and envious of the colours in your world! thanks Tami

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